Our CBD balm brings together full spectrum CO2 extracted CBD oil paste with fractionated coconut oil (an excellent moisturiser) as well as Vitamin E oil also found in many famous moisturisers.  It has been thickened with organic beeswax to give it a non-greasy and easy to apply consistency, and is a light preparation for topical application to the skin.  It is not processed by the system in any other way other than through absorption through the skin.  For this reason, some users find the balm a perfect way to apply CBD oil directly to the desired site and into the bloodstream, without any mess or stickiness attributed to the application of CBD oil.  Without clogging up the pores, the wax in the balm helps to seal the CBD and moisture from the carrier oils into the skin.

CBD Balm is for topical use on the skin and is for external use only.

This is a unique formulation blend of CBD oil, jojoba, vitamin E, sweet almond oil and beeswax.  The levels of cannabidiol are certified. 


Manufactured in the UK for Libra Health™.  Libra Health is a brand and trademark by Progressive Online.  Progressive Online is a trading name of Progressive Consultants ltd.

CBD Balm - 30g

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